What if I have a food or drink allegen?

Unfortunately we would ask you to assume that all of our drinks and food may contain any allergen. We cannot guarantee any of our food or drink to be free from nuts or any other allergen.

Do you welcome children?

We welcome very well behaved seated children we do not allow any running about, climbing or annoyance to other customers. We do not allow alchol to be consumbed by anyone under 18 and anyone who is 16 or under must leave the pub by 10pm.

Do you welcome dogs?

We love our four legged friends. As long as your dog is on a lead and held by a person and is quiet and not misbehaving then bring them in. Please do not allow you dog on tables and chairs.

Do you permit the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporisers?

We only allow smoking and vaping in designated smoking areas. You cannot smoke or vape in the pub although we do allow vaping in the outside hut areas. No smoking is allowed in the hut areas.

What is the dress code and swearing policy?

All our venues are non swearing and our dress code policy is no urban sports wear and no rowdy behaviour. If you are wearing tracksuit bottoms or grey jogging bottoms unfortunately we won't be able to serve you.

Do I have to prove my age?

If you are lucky enough to look under 25 then the team will ask you for ID. Either a driving liscence or passport with a picture. We do not accept any other form of ID. If you can not provide any ID then you and your group will be refused service. Sorry!

Do you show sport or anything on TV?

Yes in the sport bar we have Sky Sports and BT Sports

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes. The password is available at the bar. Keep off the naughty pages!

Can we refuse entry or service?

We have the right to refuse service and, in some cases, entry to the premises – without providing you with a reason.

Why do prices vary across different pubs?

For all sorts of reasons, such as rates, staffing, competition and so on, our food and drinks prices may vary at the diffrent sites. We try to have competetive prices each site.